Finally, HP 1005 works on ubuntu

Since ubuntu 9.10, I’m trying to use hp laserjet 1005 on ubuntu, with no success.

The strange thing is that hp laserjet 2055 works just fine without any problems at all.

The problem everytime happened while downloading the plugin. It always couldn’t connect with:

error: network connection not detected.

Finally, searching for the problem here and there, I found here that the problem is with the searching for connection timeout. It was so small to establish a connection.

There are 2 solutions. First is to change the timeout. I couldn’t find how.

Second, which I used, is to use a faster DNS server. I used Google DNS public server. And, it worked.


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  1. abd lilah said,

    مايو 31, 2012 في 12:51 م

    شكرا شكرا شكرا لك كثيرا فقد عانيت الأمرين قبل أن أجد حل المشكلة في مدونة فشكرا لك أخوك عبد لله
    من المغرب

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