VirtualBox on Ubuntu

Let’s start the story, why I needed VirtualBox in the first place. Once upon a time…
I’ve always wanted an E-Reader like the Amazon’s kindle or Sony’s one. (So if anyone wants to buy me a present, that’s a suggestion 🙂 )
Then I found that I can use my mobile as an eReader using some software. I’ve downloaded the software, but Ubuntu couldn’t see my mobile through the USB cable and I don’t have bluetooth in my computer (My friends bought me a bluetooth adapter but it was for one time usage I guess 🙂 Thanks my dear friends. And I’m too lazy to buy another one. You can buy it as a present too. :))
I hate to go to windows just to transfer something to my mobile. So, I’ve searched for a solution for this. They said that the best thing is to install Nokia PC Suite on Windows on VirtualBox. That’s why I’ve went to virtualbox 🙂
I’ve searched for virtualbox with synaptic manager, installed it, and – so easily and self explanatory – installed windows XP on it.
Then I’ve faced tow problems. First I needed to share data between my Ubuntu as a host and windows as a guest. I’ve searched again and with the help of this video, the problem -tatatata- was solved.
The second problem was about USB. I couldn’t see any USB device – except my mouse – from windows. I’ve searched, I’ve found this, I’ve followed the steps, but, no use. So, I’ve gone to the virtualbox site and found that there is another version -3.0- which is newer than mine -2.0- so I thought that this may be the problem. Then when I’ve started to download the newer version, I’ve discovered that there are 2 editions of virtualbox, one open source edition and another closed source edition – which is free too – and that USB is supported only in the closed edition, and that I had the open one. So, if you plan to use virtualbox, I recommend to download the closed edition directly from its site. I’ve removed my virtualBox, downloaded the new one, installed it according to the user manual, and – tatatata – I have a virtualBox again with USB enabled. And, guess what, I didn’t have to reinstall windows through it again, I found it just there for me.

So, that was my story with VirtualBox.


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  1. abdullah said,

    أكتوبر 3, 2009 في 4:12 ص

    المهم متنسيش اسطوانة الاوبونتو بكرة علشان اصلح الغلطة العجيبة اللي عندي
    وشكرا مقدما علي الاسطوانة اللي كل مرة تتنسي

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