How to add Arabic to Ubuntu

Each time I install Ubuntu, I start searching for how to add arabic support for my system. I find the answer, I add Arabic, and then – 😦 – I forget about all of it. This time I’ve decided to post it here so it become a reference for both me and others – those who are new to ubuntu.

Just go to System->administration->language support

Then hit “Install/remove languages”

Find Arabic in the new window and check it. Also check components you want.

Now you have Arabic but you have to add it to your panel and set shortcuts.

Right Click on the top panel, choose add to panel, and chose keyboard indicator.

You’ll find the language used added to the panel. Right click it and choose Keyboard Preferences->Layout->

First you need to add new layout

Then go to Layout Options.

There are a lot of configurations there. The most important – at least for me – is “Keys to change layout. This is the shortcut to toggle between languages.

That’s it.

Note: this howto is for Ubuntu 9.04. I don’t know if it’s different for other versions. Even if it is, it’s sure a little difference.


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