rm files on ubuntu

Well, I have rm videos and want to watch them.
Actually, ubuntu’s default totem player works fine with rm files in 9.04 version.
But some files don’t work, I don’t know why. So i’ve installed realplayer for linux. It works but without sound!!
I’ve searched a little and here‘s the answer:

There is sometimes an issue with Pulse audio sound. Set Realplay to use OSS in tools->preferences->hardware->audio driver
Then type
sudo gedit /opt/real/RealPlayer/realplay
then on line 52 change

$HELIX_LIBS/realplay.bin “$@”

padsp -n RealPlayer -m RealPlayerStream $HELIX_LIBS/realplay.bin “$@”
now rm disk player will play with video and sound

Well, it worked and I’m watching my videos now, happily.


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  1. أغسطس 11, 2010 في 10:14 م

    another solution is to use the great VLC media player
    which is capable of playing most of the video and audio formats

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