IE on Ubuntu –>for sites that require IE

Some sites are developed to work only on IE. I think this is because either poor development skills (I mean the site developer only tests his site on IE) or because of some deal with Microsoft – conspiracy theory 🙂

Anyway, on Ubuntu, without IE, this is really annoying.

I found the sol. lately. But before you go for it, send to website master and tell him that this is silly.

The sol. is using this nice software: IEs 4 Linux

And here is a nice explanation if needed IEs4Linux – Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5, 6 & 7 on Ubuntu Linux


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  1. marwayusuf said,

    مايو 8, 2009 في 3:46 م

    Trying to Install IEs4Linux I faced some problems:
    1- The ones mentioned in th second site and following his steps, it was solved.
    2- Installation stopped at some point telling that a file can’t be found (the file is
    and – thanks to bloggers – I found the solution again
    download the file manually from then paste it in its supposed folder and try installation again
    And at last, I have ie6 and ie7 installed on my dear ubuntu.

  2. marwayusuf said,

    مايو 8, 2009 في 5:52 م

    After using – or trying to use – IE on ubuntu
    ie7 doesn’t work. It opens normally but does not open any page – actually it’s a beta feature in IEs4Linux
    ie6 works but it crashes a lot

  3. marwayusuf said,

    مايو 8, 2009 في 6:29 م

    My final note: as ie through IEs4Linux crashed more than it worked, I’ve decided to try another explorer.
    I’ve chose Opera and – a good choice – it worked and opened IE only site
    El7md lelah

  4. AhmedRagab said,

    مايو 23, 2009 في 3:05 م

    if a site doesn’t work on My FireFox

    i won’t browse it :>

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