It’s because of mounting

To make a dual boot of Windows and Ubuntu, I’ve made a partition to be shared between them for holding data. I’ve partitioned it as NTFS.

The problem is, It’s not mounted automatically when ubutnu starts up, don’t ask me what’s mounting, I don’t know yet.

Anyway, to mount it I just open it.

The side effect for this is, if I use something from this partition, say a photo as background, you don’t see this background until you mount the partition. I learned this through using, I’m brilliant 😀

A similar problem was that the Kawigi plug-in for topcoder Arena was stored on this partition. So, when I try opening any question on the Arena, I find a silly message saying that “Could not instantiate the editor KawigiEdit (see the java console for details).” The message and the Java console (which in turn refuses to open easily) don’t say anything useful about how to solve it. Every time I get this error I go here and there, search on google and topcoder forums, find the same results every time, remove the plug-in and add it again, and then it works normally. Sometimes it works without removing and adding. And I got angry of it as I didn’t know how it worked.

Then, yesterday I discovered it. The plug-in is stored on my store partition, the one that needs mounting every start up. So, If it happens to open my arena without opening my store, the plug-in fails to be instantiated. And, the issue is, every time I get this problem, remove the plug-in and add it again, I always search for the plug-in as I always forget where it is, so I open the store partition, and that’s why it’s solved suddenly sometimes.

I don’t know about mounting and I don’t know how to make it mount automatically. Just wanted to share this bug.


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  1. عزت جار رفعت said,

    أبريل 11, 2009 في 5:10 م

  2. marwayusuf said,

    أبريل 11, 2009 في 7:02 م

    شكرا يا عزت جار رفعت 🙂
    وفت عليا البحث اللى كنت مكسلة أعمله أصلا بس شجعتنى أبحث بقى ازاى أحل المشكلة
    لقيت ناس بتتكلم عن الموضوع بس لأنى تعبانة مقدرتش أفهم بيقولوا ايه أصلا

  3. asmaamagdi said,

    أبريل 13, 2009 في 4:36 م

    أنا هسأل سؤال بس عشان أبقى فاهمة اللي حصل، انتي كان عندك ubuntu و حبيتي تحطي جنبه windows فحصلت المشكلة دي ؟
    أصل أنا بالنسبة ليا، أنا كان عندي windows و نزلت ubuntu معاه و ماحصلش معايا كده، بس بصراحة أنا ماكنتش هعرف أعمل حاجة لوحدي، في حد ساعدني في الموضوع ده لأني كنت لا أفقه شيء في ال ubuntu.
    فأنا بسأل بس عشان يبقى عندي معلومات عامة عن الموضوع 🙂 و امتى المشكلة دي ممكن تحصل لو بعد الشر بعد الشر كل ال Operating Systems اللي عندي طاروا و حبيت أنزلهم من الأول 🙂

  4. marwayusuf said,

    أبريل 13, 2009 في 7:33 م

    لأ يا أسماء الموضوع ملوش علاقة بويندوز خالص ( أو ممكن يكون ليه علاقة وأنا معرفش)
    هو أنا مش فاهمة السبب ليه ubuntu مش بيعمل auto mount at start up
    لسه هادور أحلها ازاى بس الأكيد ملوش علاقة بموضوع ويندوز ده
    وعلى فكرة أنا فعلا كان عندى ويندوز الأول
    لو بقى حبيتى تنزلى ويندوز التانى بتحصل مشكلة فى ال boot
    إن الويندوز كالعادة بياخد كل حاجة لحسابه 🙂 وأصلا مش بيديكى الاختيار فى الأول إنك تدخلى على الأوبونتو
    وكان ليها حل كده مش فاكراه إنك ظبطى ملف ال boot

  5. asmaamagdi said,

    أبريل 13, 2009 في 8:00 م

    Then what’s “To make a dual boot of Windows and Ubuntu” 😀 ?!
    It seems en ana mesh fahma 7aga 😀

  6. marwayusuf said,

    أبريل 13, 2009 في 9:16 م

    It was just an intro for the post 🙂

  7. Sarah Daniel said,

    أبريل 22, 2009 في 9:54 م

    I heard from my brother that you can do this through the following:
    Install the NTFS-3G module from Synaptic as well as the NTFS-config
    then you should find a program under system utilities that could insert the required entries in the etc/fstab file to automount your drives.

  8. marwayusuf said,

    أبريل 22, 2009 في 10:55 م

    Thanks a million Sarah

  9. Eman said,

    أبريل 23, 2009 في 9:56 م

    ?Can I ak a question about ubuntu
    🙂 I’ve installed it about 3 or 4 weeks ago,It’s awesome
    But I’ve a problem
    (not sure that it’s a problem,maybe this is normal)
    I’ve three partitions
    Windows is installed on E
    And i’ve istalled ubuntu on C
    Both OS are working well
    but when I’m on ubuntu,I can’t see drive C
    I can only see D,E,and a third drive with the size that i reserved for ubuntu
    (this is part of C)
    ! But I can’t find the rest of C
    ? Is that normal
    ?Or there is a solution for that
    The Problem is that C is the largest drive it’s about 220 GB,and it contains almost all my files
    And now I can’t access them from ubuntu

    The only solution that I do sometimes,Is running Ubuntu from the CD directly,and
    ,in this case I can acess all the drives
    !But I can’t depend totally on the CD

  10. marwayusuf said,

    أبريل 23, 2009 في 10:26 م

    I don’t know your problem Eman
    But the partition of Ubuntu is called FileSystem on my system
    I don’t know why you can’t see other files
    If I found anything about this issue I’ll tell

  11. Eman said,

    أبريل 25, 2009 في 5:06 م

    It’s called file system on mine too
    but it was only 10 GB
    Alhamdulillah the problem is solved now
    I’ve just shrunk drive C and
    created a new partition for Ubuntu
    And finally I can Access all my files
    Thanks a lot

  12. AhmedRagab said,

    مايو 23, 2009 في 3:06 م

    i think mounting is an advantage more than being a bug !!!

    it may be a way to make the ubuntu faster

    unmounted = unused partitions … Read More

    this may fasten the performance

    i will search for a way to make the mounting automatic

    good luck :>

  13. ahmed sobhy elnady said,

    سبتمبر 4, 2009 في 8:57 م

    go to a file /etc/fstab
    and open it

    add this line this line—>> /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1 ntfs users,defaults,umask=000 0 0
    but you must change sda1 to be your drive name

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