Ubuntu, I love this OS

I heard them saying “Linux is faster than Windows”, “Linux is more secure”, “Linux is open source”, “Linux is free”. Well, if it has all these advantages, why do we use Windows? They said “Linux is difficult to learn”, “Linux users are rare and you’ll find yourself alone with no community around” and so on. But I thought “If a computer engineer can’t be brave enough to try another operating system, and does not even know enough about it, who would know? It’s a shame.” So I made the decision to switch, espicially when they said that linux does not crash as often as Windows.

Well, about 2 years ago, I’ve started to search about linux, knew that there is no single linux OS like Windows. I knew that there are so many distributions from different vendors. I knew that ubuntu is the most common, it’s easy to use as it’s the most similar to windows, while it’s still secure. So, I went to Ubuntu Site, downloaded my first ubuntu CD (6.04) and within a week, I’ve repartitioned my harddisk and installed it. That’s it. I’ve installed it, found a book about ubuntu, and continued using Windows as usual. Nothing changed. Only when windows crashes I go to my dear ubuntu and say “please help me” :).

Then comes the disaster. My PC stopped working. Even ubuntu could not convince it to work again; yes ubuntu managed to make my PC work before while windows could not. Here comes Mos3ad, my laptop. Mos3ad was born -:)- about 8 months ago. It came with windows vista installed and partitioned as a whole large partition that holds vista. I wanted to install ubuntu again. But, to do this, I had to make recovery disks for windows, repartion, install windows again from recovery disks, then finally install ubuntu. And to do all of these, I had to backup all my data (about 60 GB at this time). “I’ll do it later as soon as I have time”, that’s what I kept telling myself.

Then, when windows started to do it’s bad games, I found the time to do all previous steps, and installed ubuntu 7.10. And again, continued using windows, till I find the time to read about linux.

Then, windwos started to play it’s bad games again, and vista startup time became a nightmae for me, that I’ve stopped shutting down at all, I always stand by. But I found that ubuntu start up time is much less than windwos time to come back from stand by mode. Also, one day I’ve found that touchpad stopped working on windows, despite working on ubuntu. And, the big day of descision came, when windows stopped connecting to my LAN. And after calling customer service of my ISP, finding that the problem is not in service, trying with ubuntu and finding that it’s connecting normally, I’ve switched to ubuntu and never gone back to windows. Only when I need a progem that needs windows. And by time, I know about alternative programs on ubuntu. (now I have 8.10. I’ve kept upgrading despite not using it :))

Finally, I want to talk about what kept me away from ubuntu all this time. I’ve always waited until I find the time to read and learn about ubuntu moer before using it. I’ve never found this time. I’me learning by using. When I face a problem, I search, I find answers, and it’s solved. I may not understand a lot now, But I’m sure I’ll understand by time. And sure I’ll find the time to read someday :).


2 تعليقان

  1. asmaamagdi said,

    أبريل 13, 2009 في 4:19 م

    Oh Marwa, I was just gonna post about my very very short experience with ubuntu, saba2teeny 😀
    Well, I will post anyway :P, but I liked your post. Yes on of the things I noticed in the very begining is the start up time. It’s much less in ubuntu & it’s enough that when you log in you can immediately start opening programs and so, while in windows you need to wait for some, I don’t know, programs & services to start in order to start doing what you want to do. It also is much less time when hibernating. Also less time in configuring LAN. It’s a fast OS in general 🙂
    So, that’s a brief of what I had in mind about my ubuntu post :D. I will just wait for some more time so that I have more to add in my own post 😉
    and I liked your post as always 🙂

  2. AhmedRagab said,

    مايو 23, 2009 في 3:10 م

    very fast , many free software , open source

    but as i told you before

    it’s a cartoonized OS lol

    koala version may change my opinion

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