The parameter is incorrect

Some days ago, I was required to install the latest version of netbeans which is netbeans 6.5, so I’ve uninstalled my 6.1 version, downloaded 6.5 version and -oops- 6.5 version refused to be installed. It gives me an ugly, unhelpful popup message with the path of file and “the parameter is incorrect”. Whhhhy?

Trying to find an answer was unsuccessful. I thought that the problem is with this version, maybe it’s with vista, compatibility issues? I didn’t find an answer. I  thought that the file is corrupted and I was going to download it again. But just after clicking download button I thought “Maybe the problem is with the location of file?”. So, I moved the file to another partition and, surprisingly, it worked.

Here it is: the first partition, the one with the problem, is an ext3 partition created for my ubuntu. And to see it on Vista, I’ve used some software which I don’t remember now. Now, I think this was the source of problem. But why exactly? I’ll search about that.


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  1. mohamedafattah said,

    يناير 6, 2009 في 12:09 ص

    Hey, is it “Ext2 IFS” or “EXT2 FSD”?

    It is unrelated to the whole thing about your post, but as a side note, I tried mounting my Linux drives (ext3) in Windows XP before (i.e.: making it visible through the Windows system). It caused my Linux system to crash twice (Windows was crashing itself anyways, so this doesn’t count).

    Short advice: Don’t make Windows touch your Linux drives. I think Windows Explorer participated to the bugs by neglecting the casing of the letters (which matters in EXT) and also by adding too many files and folders for caching generated image views and stuff like these with almost random permissions (mostly owned by root). I did not use these programs and will not after they crashed my boot loader and corrupted my file system.

    Most stable dual-boot installation I had was like that:
    An NTFS partition to hold Windows, not seen by Linux
    An EXT3 partition to hold Linux, not seen by Windows
    A shared NTFS partition between both (for common data you need both ways)

  2. marwayusuf said,

    يناير 6, 2009 في 1:00 ص

    Well, I don’t remember actually. Here is the story: when I installed ubuntu I’ve forgotten to make my data partition as NTFS. and I put my packed data on it. Then when I got back to windows, I realized my great mistake. But I was so lazy to backup data and change the partition again, so I worked around it. And it works actually with no problems – most of time 😀

  3. رفعت اسماعيل said,

    يناير 13, 2009 في 12:33 ص

    these things happen without any reason, one may could it the automata black magic

  4. phars_alnmr said,

    فبراير 27, 2009 في 1:25 ص

    when i bought my new pc i had to put 2 window systems one for my AGC course and another for my using but it was a problem after i put the second windows pc stop working after 5 min and nothing move no mouse no keyboard even sound i thought that was because of hating of processor but after 7 days of hard working no sleep no eat just work and pray
    i found that my motherboard is GIGABYTE this version cannot work 2 windows if only there was an antivirus on the both windows when i try to do that it successful but another thing face me that the activation key always end or blacklisted but i found kasbersky on MOTHERBOARD CD and i set up it now it working good

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